Larry H. Miller Tour Of Utah’s Ultimate Challenge Aug 10th

The Tour of Utah is coming to Snowbasin Resort for the first time on Saturday, August 10th.  The Ultimate Challenge Presented by the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah will start at Snowbasin and end at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort.  The Ultimate Challenge participants will be able to race the same day and route as the Queen Stage (Stage 5) Tour of Utah competitors, a grueling 112 miles with 12,000+ feet of climbing.  A superb corps of volunteers will assist riders every mile of the way.  And regardless of where you choose to complete your personal Ultimate Challenge ride, you’ll find a good meal, a cool piece of shade, and a change to watch Stage 5 on the Tour of Utah Adobe Tour Tracker on a big screen HDTV waiting for you at the end.

Ultimate Challenge Details:

Start Time: TBD
Three distance options:
Option 1: 52 mi. Nutritional support/hydration stops
Option 2: 82 mi. Nutritional support/hydration stops
Option 3: 112 mi. Nutritional support/hydration stops
NEW! Ultimate Challenge Femme, specifically designed for women!
Two Ultimate Challenge Femme distance options:
Option 1: 30 mi. Dedicated vehicle support
Option 2: 60 mi. Dedicated vehicle support
Note: Women are welcome to ride the entire 112-mile route, if they choose.

For more information on the Queen Stage or The Ultimate Challenge check out the Tour of Utah website by clicking “HERE