10 Things to do at Snowbasin this Summer

The air is warmer, the flowers are coming out, and the wildlife is on the move.  Here are 10 things that are great to do at Snowbasin during the summer months.

  1. On a weekend, take a ride up the gondola and enjoy the view from up top. From there choose how you would like to descend whether it’s another gondola ride, a bike ride, or a hike down the mountain.
  2. Take on one of our three “hikers only” trails to the crest of the mountain bringing you a breathtaking view of the valley far below. (Strawberry Trail, Ridge Trail, and John Paul Trail)
  3. Bike through aspen groves and glades of pines on a trail that best fits your biking level.
  4. Sit out by the Plaza at Earls Lodge and listen to some live entertainment at one of our Sunday Concerts.
  5. Enjoy the mountain and beautiful landscape while challenging your friends to a round of Disc Golf!
  6. Take a Free Guided Tour and learn about the resort, the wildlife and the area you are in.
  7. Make the memories last by taking a photo next to the Moose.
  8. Grab a souvenir from the Grizzly Retail Store.
  9. Find one of the many ponds that are at the resort.
  10. Indulge in the Wildlife that this section of land brings to you.