2011 Xterra Triathlon Sport Long Divisions Results

Day one of Xterra Triathlon Nationals is over and below is link to the results from the Sport Long Divisions which consists of a Swim 0.93, Bike 18.90, and a Run 6.34.




Friday Night Lights Rail Jam First Stop Results

Snowbasin hosted their first stop of the Friday Night Lights Rail Jam series with 19 skies and 27 snowboarders participating.  Jordan Morse won the Snowboard division with a front 270 on to 180 on the rail and back 180 off.  Jessie Edge won the Ski division with an unnatural 270 on to 180 on the rail and 270 off.  Snowbasin would like to thank all the participants and sponsors.  The next stop of the series is January 14th and will feature a new rail that has not been seen yet. 

Overall Results


1. Jessie Edge                 75pts

2. Hayden McEntire    50pts

3. Ben Moisen                25pts

4. Alex Hackel               20pts

5. Cameron Mikesell   20pts

6. Josh Roberts             15pts

7. Aiden Damito            15pts

8. Parker Gladwell        15pts

9. Michael Brits             15pts

10. AJ Cox                       15pts


1. Jordan Morse           75pts

2. Paxan Alexander    50pts

3. Thomas Hyes           25pts

4. Austin Carpernter  20pts

5. Zayne Malmberg     20pts

6. Eric Romney             15pts

7. Nick Perucca            15pts

8. Zeke Greer                 15pts

9. Heber McNeil           15pts

10. Marley Colt      15pts