Snowbasin Report #2 – Fabulous Friday

Friday was yet another great day at Snowbasin.  Sunny and clear all day with plenty of powder if you know where to look.  Cinnabar Lounge is now serving food and refreshments and is a great place to relax at the end of the day.  A bowl of chili for lunch was just right.

Snowbasin Report #1 – Opening Day Photos and Video

Snowbasin had what many consider it’s best opening day EVER on Thursday!! Bluebird, Powder, Opening Day.

Skiers and riders of all ages started their Thanksgiving feasts with tons of untracked lines of POWDER.  WhooHooo!!  It was awesome, everyone was smiling and happy about the bluebird conditions and the fact that over 30% of the mountain is already open.  Temperatures were cold at times but that didn’t stop people for enjoying the great conditions.  You’ll also notice lots of new park features.   There’s still lots of powder up there if you know how to scrounge for it and aren’t afraid to walk a bit.  However, keep in mind that it is still early in the season, not only is there brush visible in spots but there are also big rocks that remain uncovered off piste.  Please be careful and cautious during early season conditions and try to stay on trail for a while until we get some more storms.   Snowmaking continues and temperatures remain cool so there is plenty more snow to ride on.  Hope to see you this weekend.