Snowbasin Report #7 – First Time Beginners and Windy Wet Powder Day for the Hot Shots

Every once and a while we have to sacrifice a powder day to take care of our friends who are just starting out. Talk about herding cats!! Actually, the girls today did great on the mountain, considering it was their first time ever on snowboards and that the base was a fairly nasty sideways mix of snow, gusty wind and rain. The day started out at about 38F at the base and 30F at the top. Believe me, I got the texts from my friends who got the goods today but were also grateful for Snowbasin’s awesome gondolas. Let’s be serious people, the gondolas are where it’s at on a day like today. THANK YOU SNOWBASIN FOR THE GONDOLAS!!

Snowbasin’s Snowsports Learning Center has a great program for beginners that can really help them get into the sport in a great way. Our crew decided to dive in and take advantage of the killer deal on a first time lesson/rental/lift package. At every step of the way we had attentive and prompt service that got our crew going in no time.

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Special thanks to Donny and Michelle who provided the lessons and took the extra time to dial in the gear and fit for each rider. Sometimes we forget how hard it is to figure out which front should go forward and how tight to make the boots and bindings. Snowbasin’s team really got us squared away good. Donny’s teaching technique was great, all the girls commented at how much they progressed and how patient both instructors were today.

The true test of a good day though is how big the smiles are at the end. We were all laughing about the falls and warming up with hot cocoa in Earl’s Lodge. We also enjoyed the legendary smoked salmon and trout plate and some chips and salsa by the fire.

Oh, and all the rest of the mountain hotshots were grinning too, because even though it was a wet and windy one, there was lots of incredible deep powder out there and there will even be more tomorrow too. See you at Snowbasin!!

We also wanted to say an additional big thanks to Snowbasin’s Guest Services, especially Kevin Stouffer, who helped us search for a misplaced board that blew off the rack into a snowbank.  We would have found that board next spring if it wasn’t for Kevin and his Sherlock Holmes like senses.  Thanks Kev!