5 Safety Tips For Families On the Slopes

Tips for Successful Family Skiing

Every fantastic adventure is made successful (in part) by abiding certain guidelines. For instance, backcountry skiers require knowledge of terrain, avalanche conditions, and rescue for a successful day.

But what about a simple family trip up to a resort? We’ve found the same goes for families and our in-bounds ski/snowboarding adventures. As our kids have progressed beyond the bunny slope, we’ve found it helpful and somewhat necessary to set some guidelines. Below are rules that everyone, kid and parent, should know.

1. Set a meeting place.

This is a great tip for large groups and families. Set a meeting place in a centralized location just incase you lose someone. It is incredibly easy, especially on busy weekends, to lose your kid or your friend. Before you even jump on the lift, make plans for lunch (time/place) so everyone can reconnect. Do the same thing for the end of the day. Don’t rely on cell phones! There have been many times where I lost service, or battery power, and wished I’d relied on “old-school” principles.

2. Discuss with your kids a safe place to stop on a run.

Kids (and beginners) do not naturally know where/when it is safe to stop and when it is not. This can be an abstract concept to explain but here a few tips:

  • Stop on the side of runs, not the middle.
  • Stop before you drop below a hill, not just after.
  • Be aware of skiers to the sides and behind you, before coming to a quick stop.
  • If you can see the uphill skiers above you, then there is a good chance they can see you.

3.Know the rules in Terrain Parks

I love, love, love that they are making terrain parks for kids and beginners, not just the experts. My kids spend hours flying off the jumps and attempting rails. But there are certain ‘rules’ that many kids are not aware of.

For instance, they should stop at the top of the terrain park and wait in line for their turn. Not just blow through unaware of the other riders waiting.

They should also be aware of signals they might see and/or use. Arms crossed if a skier is down, arms in a circle if it is safe to proceed. If your kids are really young, stay with them in the terrain park so you can signal to other riders if they fall in a blind spot. I had to do this once or an adult rider would have landed on my 5-year-old son had I not thrown up the “crossed-arms” signal.

Terrain Park Rules, Kids should know

4. Discuss ways to cross a run and looking for uphill traffic.

Unlike crossing the street, the skier who is crossing a run does not have the right-of-way. In fact, the uphill skier does. But I cannot tell you how many times my kids have (and still do) charge into a run, completely unaware of riders coming down at them.

I like to think of this like crossing a street. Stop. Look. Proceed with caution.

5. Help your kids identify “safe strangers.”

This tip piggy-backs off our first point, set a meeting place. But what if you forget too? What if you never meet up? What if you lose a kid?

My husband and I spend some time asking them who is safe to ask for help should they become injured or separated from us. Ski Patrollers, Lift Operations and Guest Services workers are great examples of “safe strangers.” And at many resorts, these people have noticeable jackets or uniforms making them easy to spot. Help your kids become acquainted with resort employees should they need them at some point.

Guest Services at Snowbasin

A few simple tips and rules, can save you time, hassle, and worry when exploring the slopes with your kids and friends.

What are your tips?

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3rd Annual Tour de Mtn Green

The Tour de Mountain Green is a day of adventures organized by the community. The purpose is to unite members of the community while reminding us of the many wonderful family fitness opportunities that are available in the Mountain Green area.

Snowbasin will be assisting the event with offering Adult Needles Peak Gondola lift passes for $10 with a Voucher. Vouchers will be available on the day of theevent at Mountain Green Elementary Schools from 9:00 am until 1:00pm. Finally, Kids 17 and under ride the GONDOLA FREE with accompanying adult.  So get the family together and spend an afternoon at Snowbasin enjoying some great views from the top of the Needles Gondola for a great value!

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Photos of the Youth Ski League South Series GS Races

Youth Ski Leage

Saturday’s Race

Prints of photos by Faceshots Photography are available for purchase online. Double click the slideshow to view larger images and printing options.

Sunday’s Race

Prints of photos by Faceshots Photography are available for purchase online. Double click the slideshow to view larger images and printing options.