July 3rd Summer Rail Jam Results

Thanks to all the participants that came out to support the first ever Snowbasin Summer Rail Jam.  There was plenty of competition but the following people stepped up to the occasion and took home some great prizes from DC, Skullcandy, LRG, and Salomon to name a few:

Female boarder

                1 Shawna Russel                        switch back tai 

                2 Lauren Broomall                    

                3 Witney Fanovic

                4 Jessica Harper

Skier 13+

                1 Keyson Hall                switch 270 on  270 off

                2 Rryson Dearden

                3 Mitch Russo

Boarder 13+

                1 Noah Sutton               front blunt 50-50  back 180 off

                2 Jonas Harris

                3 Cade Coleman

Boarder 12 under

                1 Kainan Bever              nose press 180 out

Skier open

                1 Sam Hurt                    Rside 270 to 270 out

                2 Ayden Damito

                3 Liam Watworth

Boarder open

                1 Will Ermish                 half cab on 540 out

                2 Jake Nicholas

                3 Levi Black