5 Suggestions to Prepare for Opening Day

Its that time of year again the temps are getting colder, you have already gone Trick or Treating and winter is upon us.  So we thought to put together a couple of fun things you should consider when getting ready to come to Snowbasin on opening day.

Preparing for opening day :

  1. Snowboards & skis need to go to the spa, this means, give them a fresh wax and edge tune so they are ready to cruise on opening day.
  2. Layout your winter clothes: coat, pants, gloves, goggles, hat, face mask, socks, under-armor, and boots.  Now make sure there are no spiders or bugs in your gear and get ready to roll in the snow.
  3. Have you purchased your season pass yet? If not, better get online, punch in those digits and print out that receipt so you can treat yourself to numerous days on the snow.
  4. Charge up that personal camera, smart phone and or POV camera, it’s almost time to make memories on the mountain again and an actual photo or video captures the moment better than your mind.
  5. Time to put the ski rack back on your car, or move the seats down so your equipment has room to ride with you to the mountain.
We look forward to seeing you all on the mountain this year!

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