Old Snowbasin Day Lodge to Open for Dining starting Friday Dec 23rd

We are bringing back the Old Snowbasin Day Lodge for dining starting Friday December 23rd during the holiday season.  Located at the top of the Little Cat Express lift you can enjoy your meal while watching people Ski/Snowboard down School Hill and Powder Puff trails. The Lodge will be open Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm.  So come one up and enjoy a classic menu and feel at Snowbasin’s Old Day Lodge.

Old Day Lodge


Burger    $9.50

Cheese Burger $10.50

 Bacon Cheese Burger $11.50

Hot Dog $6.00

Pulled Pork Sandwich  $ 10



Chicken Caesar Wrap $12

BLT Wrap $12


Tomato Basil soup $6

Grizzly Chili $6

Pasta Fagioli $6


Lasagna with red sauce $12.50




Cookies $2.50

Brownies $2.50


Bottled soda $2.00

Monster $3.00

Powerade $2.50

 Water $2.00


Cliff Bar $2.50

Candy bars $1.50

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