Snowbasin’s Free Guided Tours!

On a Snowbasin guided hike you can learn about what the resort has to offer during the summer.  Discover Snowbasin’s extensive history, the science of snowmaking, or see what wildlife comes out when all the snow melts.   Meet your tour guide every Saturday and Sunday at 1pm at the Moose in front of Earl’s Lodge from now through September 4th.  Come join Snowbasin for the chance to learn and experience our summer fun and deep history. Best of all its FREE!

*Bring hiking shoes, a hat, sunscreen, snacks and water. Tours last from 1-4 hours. Tours in the base do not require a gondola ticket.

June 25th & 26th: Avalanche prevention and science -with Frank

  • Learn from the pro. Frank Waikart has 11 years of experience working in snow safety. Let Frank walk you thru the ins and outs of avalanches. Frank will show you what he looks for in snow conditions and the tools he uses. Have a chance to see a gun tower and hold a hand charge. 1.5-2 hours

 July 2nd & 3rd: All about Geo-caching (base hike) – with Tim Franchi

  • What is Geo-caching? Tim Franchi will answer this, along with the etiquette and the how to of geo-caching. On this tour you never know what you could find.  If you have a GPS bring it or get a head start by visiting 1-1.5 hours

 July 9th & 10th: Snowbasin History – with Kevin

  • Follow Snowbasin’s progression throughout the years. Kevin will take you from the beginning, what went on during the Olympics, Snowbasin today and things to come. 

 July 16th & 17th: Snowbasin Wildlife & Birds –  

  • Learn about native birds in the area like Red Tail Hawks and Blue Grouse. This tour will also give you the opportunity to learn about native wildlife and see where many of them live during the summer months. Remember to be quiet because there may be an opportunity to see a Moose or Mountain Goat. 1.5 – 2 hours


July 23rd & 24th: Beaver Dams (base hike) – with Tim Franchi

  • This off trail hike will take you deep into beaver country. Make your way thru swampy conditions to experience beaver dams and lodges. But be quiet and sneaky for an opportunity to see native trout and potentially a beaver. Mosquito repellant, shoes that can get dirty, long pants and long sleeve shirts are recommended. 1-3 hours


July 30th & 31st & August 6th & 7th: Wildflowers & Plants-

With Steve Larue & Frank Waikart

  • Enjoy Snowbasin’s diverse landscape with numerous wildflowers, shrubs and trees. Guides will help identify and describe many of the species of native flora and discuss effects of weather, location and wildlife on plants. This tour has something for everyone as the length and level of difficulty can vary. Depending on weather conditions many flowers and shrubs may be blooming. Come prepared to trek across varying terrain with your water, sunscreen, sturdy footwear and camera. 1.5-3 hours


August 13th & 14th: Science of Snowmaking (hike) – with Morgan

  • Have you ever wondered how we make snow? Learn about the different types of snow guns, snow qualities, wet bulb and much more. When you hike from the top of Needles to the snowmaking building. Tour the snowmaking building then hike to the base area. Wear your sunscreen, sturdy shoes and bring water. 2-2.5 hours


August 20th & 21st: Tour of the Cirques (hike) – (depends on snow)

  • Come prepared because were going to the top. Hike from the top of Needles gondola to Mount Ogden and back. This strenuous hike will give you a bird’s eye view to the valley below. Come prepared with water, snacks, sunscreen and appropriate shoes. 4-4.5 hours


August  28th: How a ski lift works – with lift maintenance

  • We all ride them but what makes them spin? Come join us to tour lift terminals, motor rooms, lift shacks and the infamous parking garage. Jake will take the time to explain the principles of ski lift mechanics and help us all appreciate our ride to the top. 1.5-2 hours


September 3rd & 4th: The dog days of Snowbasin (base) –

  • Have your dog by your side for this hike to the bottom of Strawberry. This two-hour round trip hike will allow you and your best friend to enjoy the beauty of Snowbasin together. Dogs should be on a leash. Water and bathrooms are available at the bottom of Strawberry. 2-2.5 hours

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