Snowbasin Report – MLK Monday

Visitors from NYSpring Skiing in January??? That’s what it felt like today. For what it was, it was actually a lot better than it should have been! Overnight the region got hit hard with preciptiation and wind, the only problem was that the temps were never below 35F, so that means rain :( All those dreams and prayers for colder t…emps last night never manifested so the snow conditions took a bit of a beating.

With that said, and considering the continuing moist and warm conditions we actually got lucky today with no rain and some fairly decent visibility, even though the light was flat. What could have been a foggy rainy day was actually more like an overcast April Day. Firm mash potatoes that were best ridden on the groomers. Off piste conditions were crusty and grabby and not fun. The winds were high as well with gusty blasts at the top and bottom. At the end of the day it was still well worth it to strap the boards on and carve fun turns on the groomers.

Extended forecast looks promising with lower temperatures and possible new snow.

An Avalanche Advisory does exist for backcountry skiers, please always check current conditions and posses the proper equipment and training before leaving Snowbasin’s boundries.

The Cinnabar lounge was serving a great breakfast buffet too, available on holidays, Saturday and Sunday.

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